Exclusive Toolkit for Greenbook Readers 

We’ve all heard business catchphrase comments like “people are our most valuable asset”, typically referring to the importance of your staff. And it’s true, staff are important but they are not the only people who have an impact on our business. 

Your clients are people. Research participants/respondents are people. Your technology vendors and partner companies are staffed with people. And they all have a massive impact on the success of your business. That said, we must consider the human side of our staff, client, respondent, and vendor relationships. Now, this isn’t meant to imply we have to abandon all efforts at automation. Rather, we need to learn how to balance automation and human needs.

This is a lot to consider. But your business success depends on it! So, to help you, we’ve put together a new People Centered Research: A Better Business Strategy for Greenbook readers. In this kit, we will explore ways your agency can improve its business strategy by focusing on the people (staff, respondents, clients, and vendors) that impact your business most! 

This toolkit includes:

  • Staff: People at the heart of research
  • Respondents: Human Centered Research
  • Clients: Storytelling in Research
  • Vendors: Not all about the tech

Download the toolkit now.

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