Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday, February 25

Time: 8am PST, 11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET

In an ever-evolving Omni-channel world, organizations need to ensure the right channels are available for customers – making it easy for them to communicate and transact with your business. The right strategy will enable businesses to leverage these channels, to ask the right and relevant questions, and to bring all the data together in order to gain valuable insights.

Access to in-depth knowledge about your customers doesn’t happen overnight. It requires insight from all customer touchpoints and channels across your entire organization. It’s about knowing your customers inside and out so that you can create and deliver personalized experiences that will boost loyalty and advocacy towards your brand, differentiating you from your competition. 

With accurate insights from various channels, your business can then close the loop and combine quick wins and sustainable growth through data-driven business improvements.

In this webinar, Lisa Garthside, VoC Director, Confirmit and Stefan Kolle, Co-founder, Futurelab will discuss the following:

  • Listening to the Voice of the Customer through multiple channels
  • Integrating that voice with existing data to generate powerful insights
  • Taking action that will deliver real and measurable business change

Our Presenters:

Stefan Kolle.png

Stefan Kolle

Co-Founder, Futurelab

Stefan is one of the founders of Futurelab. As an international consultant with a background in insurance, finance, internet/media and venture development, Stefan heads the research, customer insight and innovation practice at Futurelab. He is able to combine ambitious (and if necessary controversial) vision with pragmatic views. Stefan is NPS certified.

Lisa Garthside_200x200.jpg

Lisa Garthside 

Director, Customer Experience Management, VoC Specialist, Confirmit

Lisa joined Confirmit in 2014, having spent over 20 years in Market Research, the last five of which have focused on customer experience. Lisa has worked across a range of sectors and has a good understanding of technology, finance and leisure as well as considerable experience of both B2C and B2B markets. Lisa has a focus on ensuring we ask the right people the right questions to provide real, usable information. She enjoys working with clients to ensure that the data they use to make business decisions is not only trusted and reliable but also actionable.

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